About Us


  • What problem will be solved?
    • Drug and alcohol abuse will be eradicated even at a success rate of 67%
    • People will get a fresh start and a second chance at life
    • All residents will be equipped with certified skills to assist them in the market place
  • Mission: How will the problem be solved?
    • People needs to be removed from their place of living and come in and receive love acceptance guidance and restoration
    • Our Process not programs are designed that the person must realize that they do not have a problem, but they are the problem, but………
    • Each ne reach one to teach one to reach one to teach one……..
  • Solution: How will the solution solve the problem?
    • After 25year experience in this field and a success rate of average 67% we are confident that our process solves not only addiction and abuse, but much more
  • Market focus: Our market is an established problem and addiction is everywhere and everybody is looking for a solution Drugs alcohol and abused women and children is the market focus
  • Competitive advantage: How does the business intend to compete against competitors? Keep the Dream 255 have been in competition for the past 9 years and we believe it is healthy Our proven process and success track record shows we have an edge over our competitors
  • Ownership:
    Pieter J Niemand is the Lifelong President and Founder
    Dana Niemand is the CEO
    Directors are Pieter Zaayman Training and certification
    Past  Anet Zaayman Councilor
    Natascha Niemand (BEE )